27 May

True Flip's pioneering crypto lottery will acquire a cross-platform Jackpot

Massively updated, and keeping its remarkable fairness check feature, Flip's Star will open up to True Flip's partner network later this year. Meanwhile the game bolsters the evolving loyalty system at Trueflip.io, the company's playground.

The next incarnation of Flip's Star is built around its progressive Jackpot, worth 50 BTC on launch, and going cross-platform in late 2019. Given its friendly interface, the game appeals with its simplicity, uncommon for blockchain apps.

Draws take place every Sunday around 18:00 UTC, when a genuine algorithm by True Flip extracts a winning sequence from a newly-generated, thus unpredictable, Bitcoin block hash. The concept enables a one-click fairness check on the site.

With bulk discounts of up to 75%, tickets are now in stock for registered players at https://star.trueflip.io/. Flip's Star will also grant tickets for points earned while playing on Trueflip.io.

"Flip's Star has ensured our successful business launch, and passed 590 daily draws, bringing lots of joy to numerous lucky players. After months of refactoring, the game is back in service, massively updated in core, with more features and a whole new role in our ecosystem." - said Konstantin Katsev, CMO of True Flip.

True Flip has also withdrawn another blockchain-utilizing lottery, Rapid to the Moon, to face similar updates. The instant drawing game will return to the company's b2b and b2c portfolios before the end of the year.

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