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Rapid to the Moon

A fair, blockchain-based number game with instant payouts, open source code, a fair draw process and a transparent prize fund.
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About the game

Rapid to the Moon is a fast number game with new draws every 10-30 minutes and a chance to win the Superprize. Users play the game by filling out the ticket. In order to increase the odds of winning, players can use the multiplier or play the same set of numbers in several subsequent draws.

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Game details
  • Name
    Rapid to the Moon
  • Launch date
    November 2017
  • Type
    Fast number game
  • Max win
    5 BTC
  • RTP
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile
  • Language localizations
  • Desktops
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • HTML5 Browsers

How to play

Players buy tickets which they want to submit for the draw, fill them out manually or automatically, set the multiplier and the number of draws they would like to have and wait for the next draw. The bet price changes proportionally to the game settings.


How to win

In order to win, players have to guess the winning combination for the draw. All winnings in Rapid to the Moon are fixed, except the Superprize, which is constantly growing. When an extended bet is used, all the winnings increase in size, except the minimal 4+1 combination and the Superprize. The Superprize goes to the one who hits the lucky 8+1 combination.



Winning combinations are determined by the algorithm based on the bitcoin blockchain. A block hash can neither be calculated nor influenced. The code that determines winning combinations is available on GitHub, which makes the game 100% transparent. The results are available in the Draw archive section. Anyone can check the transparency of the game on the Check transparency page.


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