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Pirate Bay

A simple scratch game with instant payouts, transparent prize funds and fascinating gameplay.
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About the game

Pirate Bay is an instant fair game with the chance of winning in just a few clicks. Pirate Bay is based on Mersenne Twister — a fast random number generator (RNG) which forms the digital combination in the form of game symbols. When playing the game, players need to guess the winning symbols one by one in order to get to the top and hit the main prize.

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Game details
  • Launch date
    May 2018
  • Type
    Unique scratch game
  • Max win
    x 97.6
  • RTP
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile
  • Language localizations
  • Desktops
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • HTML5 Browsers

How to play

The game consists of five rows with three boxes in each row. The first step is to choose the box in the lower raw. Each row assumes a winner, a loser and a tie — hiding one gold coin, one black mark and one anchor, respectively. In order to increase or decrease the bet, users can multiply it by up to 100x by clicking on the + or - buttons. The bet price changes proportionally to the multiplier.


How to win

Every time players move up to a new line, they can stop the game and take the prize or continue playing. The higher a player gets, the more he can win. When someone gets to the last row — the Superprize can be won.

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